What platforms will Zecha Tactics be released on?

Zecha Tactics will initially launch on PC. We also intend to release the game on consoles, and will be able to give more details on specific console releases later in the development cycle. 

When will the game be released?

Zecha Tactics is coming to PC. The release date is still TBD.

What kind of game will this be? What is the gameplay like?

The core gameplay will be tactical strategy, with RPG and story-driven adventure game elements.

Where can we find the gameplay?

Zecha Tactics is still in early development. We look forward to sharing more gameplay soon.
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How did you come up with that cel-shaded look? How did you do your shaders?

For Zecha Tactics, we did extensive research into different 3D cel-shading approaches including an exhaustive look at Arc System Works’ methods. We want to capture the 2D looks while rendering the game in 3D. Subscribe to our newsletter where we’ll give you more updates on the game artstyle.

That’s a great mecha design. How did you come up with that?

We took inspiration from a lot of different places. We’re also lucky to be working with Japanese artist Shinya Mizuno as our lead mecha designer.

Is there any community where I can interact with others interested in the game?

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