On a planet divided by conflict, a new force arises.

Zecha Tactics is a blend of Mecha tactics, story driven RPG, and mercenary outfit management.

  • Fast-paced turn based tactical combat
  • Expansive single player campaign – explore the world map aboard your mecha carrier, chat with your crew, discover lost technologies, brawl in the arenas, ally with different factions, and uncover the conspiracy threatening Aldsan-Od
  • Convince your enemies to join your cause, and project your fighting power to control new territories
  • Upgrade and customize your mecha, carrier, and home base
  • Change the course of the world – every choice matters

Currently in early development, coming to PC

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Mecha designs by Shinya Mizuno ミズノシンヤ (@miraityuuou)

Bit Egg Inc game

The Story Begins

On the distant planet of Aldsan-Od, generations of terraformers toil under the immortal overlord Gurgalal. Uniquely adapted to the harsh conditions via the wonders of genetic engineering, they scrape out a meagre existence.

When a new opportunity arrives from the Galactic Federation, the existing order quickly becomes twisted beyond repair. New factions with long dormant ambitions arise from the chaos, fighting to seize control.

Now, with your crew of mercenaries, create a force to be reckoned with!

Make powerful allies, crush your enemies, and help determine the fate of this strange world.


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